My Order Has Not Arrived:
Don't worry, less than 1 in 10,000 of our shipments fail to arrive at their destination – however the USPS does sometimes misroute them or in the case of international shipments they can be held up in customs. In the unlikely event that your order is lost we will of course send you another. If you are in the US and it has been over 3 weeks since your order shipped, or if you are international and it’s been over 6 weeks please email us at with the details of your order and we will help you out.


My Game Is Not Working:
All games are cleaned and tested on original systems before listing, but things can happen. If you are using a clone system (such as FC Twin, Yobo, etc) some games will not be compatible, please refer to our clone compatibility page to see if the game is incompatible. If it is compatible or you are using an original system please try cleaning the contacts. Even a tiny amount of dirt or dust can cause issues. It's best to use a Qtip and rubbing alcohol, clean it until there is no more dirt, place it in the system, take it out and clean it one more time. Let it dry for a couple of minutes and then try again. 90% of the time that will fix the problem. In addition you can also try these console specific suggestions:


  • If your system has a new 72 pin connector it may help to push the game in, but not down. This helps games with thicker boards get a better connection until the pins loosen up.


  • Try pushing the game half way into the system instead of pushing all the way in. This can sometimes help the system read the game more easily.

Game Boy

  • Try adjusting the game or pulling it out slightly.

If these suggestions don't help please email us at with the details of the problem and the kind of system you are using, and we will get an exchange going.


My Original XBOX Game Wont Play on my XBOX 360:

Check to see if the game you purchased is on the Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible Xbox List


My System Is Not Working:
Please follow the instructions included with your system. The included page has troubleshooting suggestions which will fix most problems. If you are still having problems then please email us at


My Light Gun Is Not Working:
The light gun does not work with LCD, Plasma, or Projection televisions. It will only work with tube-style CRT televisions.


I'm Having Another Problem:
If your question or concern hasn't been addressed here please contact us at
 We respond to emails 6 days a week and your satisfaction is our highest priority.